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Hey Everyone, I’m Back! I have been gone for far to long, but in my defense I have had a lot going on in my life! Firstly, I had a new baby and have been dealing with the whole new mommy new baby lifestyle change. After 3 1/2 years of just me, my husband, and my son a new baby really flipped our house upside down, but now 3 months later the storm has finally settled.

Secondly my oldest son started school! Well it’s not real school yet, its like the Pre-K before Pre-K aka daycare! Although I’m a stay at home mom those few hours he’s gone during the day really allows me to get a lot of things done, Like Blogging!

Our family has also been doing a lot of traveling for the holidays and dealing with real life situation’s like Cold & Flu, Ear Infections, Infant Shots, Baby Blues, and Date Nights.

During my time off I decided that it was time to totally revamp my website! “The fabulous life of motherhood” has been my other baby for years but as I’ve grown I have realized that my life it so much more than only mommy stuff. I love to cook, I love Fashion, I love to inspire, I’m obsessed with organization, I’m redecorating my house! So many more things I want to write about that don’t always involve my children. So that’s when I decided to start a second blog “Lifestyle with Bree” which center’s around everything I love. I hope you all love the new upcoming content! I have big plans for this site!





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