Liam’s Separation Anxiety

Liam is 8 months today and boy are things starting to get hard again.

Even though a lot of things are easier now like feedings, baths, and sleeping one thing that’s changed is how Liam reacts when he see’s me or when I leave  a room. I know all babies go through this I even went through it with Alex, but that didn’t make me anymore prepared for it.

It just came out of nowhere!

One day he’s the sweetest baby who smiles at strangers and doesn’t mind hanging with daddy or grandpa,

The next day something switched!

Now he cries whenever grandpa holds him or when I leave or enter a room! In his head I need to be holding him at all times, and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t beginning to become a little frustrating.

I LOVE my little baby and in a perfect world I would love to cuddle with him all day, but that’s not the case. I’m a mom of 2 that’s always busy trying to equally pass all my love around to everyone.

So of course me being me I had to do a little research on solutions to help put my baby boy at ease, and this is what I found:

According to “Mother & Baby” these are the signs that your baby has separation anxiety:

  1. Your baby’s sleep is interrupted
  2. Your baby begins waking up earlier than usual
  3. Your baby cries when left with someone else, maybe even dad
  4. Baby gets upset when left alone
  5. Your baby hates playing alone

YES!!! This article was spot on! All the signs are exactly what I’m going through with Liam right now, so what can I do to make this time easier on him (Especially with our yearly Anniversary trip coming up)?

  1. Be Calm and Consistent
  2. Start creating a Goodbye Ritual. Give hugs & kisses, say goodbye, and leave without coming back (Don’t want to make things worse).
  3. Play “Peek-A-Boo” or ” Where’s the Baby?”
  4. Do “Practice Separations” so baby is use to you coming and going (Don’t make it to long though).
  5. If someone else will be the caregiver, have them spend a little extra time with the baby just so he/she is familiar with that person.
  6. Baby’s favorite item such as a stuffed animal or blanket may help he/she feel more secure.
  7. Keep in mind that separations are  harder on baby if they are sick, hungry, or tired. So whenever possible try to time separations when baby is in a good mood.

These are tips that I’m going to start putting into effect immediately so that Baby Liam and myself are both more sane, and parents please remember that although it may be “annoying” dealing with this, it’s just the confirmation from baby that they love you and that you are rocking this thing called parenthood.

I’ll keep you guys posted on our progress.