30 Good Manners for Kids

The first impression people have of you are usually what they remember you by so good manners are something you should always incorporate when making those initial impressions with someone.

“Say please and thank you”. “Don’t talk with your mouth full”.”Sit up straight”. ..  Lets face it, manners aren’t something we are born with. Good manners are taught to us by our parents and we return the favor by teaching them to our children and hopefully they will continue the cycle. Manner’s are important because it lays the foundation of who you are, how you treat people, and how people will treat you.

Currently I’m in the process of teaching my oldest son all the manner’s I believe are important right now, so when he goes out into the real world people will know he was raised with some sense! RESPECTFULLY. 😂

I thought it would be a good idea to write out all the manners I’m trying to teach him in a blog post because I know that someone somewhere will need this!

30 Manners I’m teaching my son…

  1. Always say “Please & Thank You”
  2. Show RESPECT for other’s especially elder’s.
  3. Don’t use bad language.
  4. Return thing’s you have borrowed from others.
  5. Listen and don’t interrupt when someone is speaking.
  6. No technology at mealtime.
  7. Close your mouth when chewing food.
  8. Shake hands & Make eye contact when greeting someone.
  9. Open doors for ladies.
  10. Greet people with a smile.
  11. Always say “Excuse me” when bumping into someone or when interrupting someone.
  12. Clean up our own messes.
  13. Knock on closed doors.
  14. Don’t call people mean names or tease.
  15. Offer help to someone in need.
  16. Wash hands before meals and after using the restroom.
  17. Use silverware during meals (No Hands).
  18. Don’t talk with your mouth full.
  19. Don’t argue with adults.
  20. Don’t smack when eating.
  21. Use inside voices indoors.
  22. Pick up after yourself.
  23. Always practice proper hygiene.
  24. Don’t pick your nose.
  25. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  26. Wait your turn.
  27. Lean over your plate when eating.
  28. Wipe your mouth with a napkin.
  29. Always brush your teeth.
  30. Use RESPECT when speaking to an adult.