Oh Baby! The Luck of the Irish πŸ€

Hello Sweet Friends!

I know, I know I haven’t been up here as often as I promised, but let me reassure you the reason is VALID!

Oh God πŸ’†πŸΎ, Where do I start!

I guess the best time to start is right before New Years. We were on our yearly christmas holiday in Florida with family, the vacation was going amazing like it normally does and we were beginning to prepare to head back home when my husband received a phone call with Big News! He had got an offer for a life changing job. He had waited patiently for almost a year to hear back from this job, and at last the phone call he had been waiting for had finally arrived!

This was absolutely the best news we could have received. So we basically knew that he would be leaving home to begin training for this job, so it was no surprise that I would be home alone with the boys for a few months. What WAS a surprise was the positive pregnancy test that I held in my hand not even a week later!

Yes, you read that right! A POSITIVE pregnancy test! I was once again pregnant.


Now, it would be a lie if I said I was instantly happy about this, so don’t let the face in the picture above fool you. My initial reaction to the news was more like…

“Holy Shit! This is the worst possible timing, Ever.”

But, you know what they say, God makes no mistakes! So I pulled myself together and moved forward with a positive outlook on my situation.


Now, has it been easy? Hell No

Since I found out about this pregnancy I have been sick! This by far has been the longest I have ever been sick while pregnant Im about 19 weeks now and I literally just stopped being sick completely like last week! So for about 18 weeks I have been dealing with severe morning sickness and my husband has only been able to console me over the phone, because he is at training! But in the end I just have to put on my Super Mommy cape and keep it pushing, because I still have my other two babies here with me!


So Yes, I have been going through it, but Im looking forward to all the blessings that God has laid upon us this 2018, and I’m just so thankful! Hubby will be back home soon and we will be blessed with another sweet face to add to our ever growing family. Other blessings are coming up too, so I have a lot of exciting things coming this way and I will keep you guys posted especially since I’m feeling better now. (I MEAN IT)


I have never had such a lucky start to the year! Maybe it’s the luck of the Irish πŸ€.


XOXO, Bree


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