6 Ways to Master Marriage After Baby

Let’s face it, marriage isn’t always easy. Add children to the mix and things become even more tricky, but who says just because things get tough you should stop putting time and effort into your relationship?

My husband and I just recently welcomed a new baby into our family so yes our romance has taken a toll but our marriage is STRONG and we both refuse to let this situation dictate our relationship with one another. It is very important to me that I always remind my husband that he is still a priority to me even when I’m a busy wreck, and he humbly returns the favor.

So want to know how I juggle it all?

It’s honestly pretty simple, and I decided to share a few things I do to show my husband just how much I love him.

6. Cook his favorite meal:  All my life I have always heard the saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and that’s something I truly believe, especially because I know my husband loves to eat! So what better way to show my love and appreciation then to whip up his favorite meal. You can even sweeten this treat a little bit more by putting the kids to bed early and having a more intimate dinner around a candlelit table.

5. Communicate!!!: Find out your spouses “Love Language” and cater to it. Make sure he knows your “Love Language” as well. This will help you both better understand each other so all needs can be met.

4. Date Nights: Ahhh! what’s better than that one on one time with your best friend? Dates to me are the best way to have that necessary uninterrupted time with one another. I know a lot of people who struggle with date night because they can’t find a sitter for their children. Don’t think for one second  that “Date Night” always means you have to go out, some of my husband and my best dates are when we put the kids to bed early, grab some popcorn, curl up under each other, and watch Netflix. If that doesn’t work for you try a “Family Date Night” when the whole family goes out and has a good time.

3. Pretend to be into whatever he is into:  I am a total girly girl and my husband is a real manly man so most of our hobbies are like night and day. Every once in a while I go and really try to be invested in what ever he has going on at the time ( Usually Cars) and in return he pretends to be invested in my reality television.

2. Make coupons: Sometimes I take the time out to make a few coupons for my husband that he can use whenever he wants. Some of the coupons include: A back massage, cooking his favorite dinner, and some other things 😉.

1. Remind Him: Sometimes a person just needs to hear how much you love them or how thankful you are for them and the things they do.

Remember, no marriage is perfect and sometimes things happen, but no matter what you should still always put forth the effort to keep the magic alive.