RANT: Parents sending there sick children to daycare/school!

As I sit here trying to nurse my sick 4-year-old back to health, I cant help but wonder how we got here again! Since my son started daycare January of this year, he has been sick 4 TIMES! That’s already more than he’s ever been sick his whole 4 years of life!

So I definitely need answers! I understand that him being in that environment for the first time may make him vulnerable to colds & viruses, but what has really been bugging me lately is the parents!!!

The children can’t help that they are sick, but as parents should you be sending your sick kids to school/daycare?

Last Friday as I dropped my son off at class I couldn’t help but notice all the runny noses and sickly coughing I heard! It was so bad that I honestly considered  turning my son around and taking him back home, but I didn’t and he was sick again by Saturday morning.

By Monday morning the whole house was sick including our 3 month old baby (Does anyone know how stressful it is dealing with a sick baby).

Fuck! Why didn’t I take him out of school!!

HMMM, Maybe because it’s the SICK KIDS PARENTS THAT SHOULD TAKE THEM OUT OF SCHOOL! I shouldn’t have to!

So what can I do moving forward…

  1. Do we talk to the school?
  2. Do we take our son out of the daycare?
  3. Do we just sit and just try to see if it gets better?


I need advice! Parents, is anyone else going through this? If so what would you do?

Rant over! I feel a tiny bit better!